Metal Mates - Innovative Metalforming Lubricants and Fluids

Metal Mates - Innovative Metalforming Lubricants and Fluids

Stamping & Drawing Lubricants


Universal Stamping, Forming & Drawing Lubricant

VS is a universal micro-emulsion lubricant that is formulated to stamp out a wide range of metal components in progressive dies and multi-forming operations.
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Moderate-Duty Stamping & Punching Lubricant

OVS is a micro-emulsion lubricant for stamping, punching, piercing and flanging with extreme pressure and anti-wear additives that provide physical and chemical lubricity to reduce scoring.
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Heavy-Duty Stamping, Forming & Drawing Lubricant

HDP is a semi-synthetic lubricant with barrier, anti-wear and extreme pressure properties for difficult forming operations like high-temperature and heavy-duty stamping, drawing, forming and flanging.
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Moderate-Duty Blank Washing & Stamping Lubricant

WL is a soluble oil emulsion lubricant designed for automotive blank washing and stamping applications with excellent wetting properties that improve formability in light to moderate-duty applications.
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Extra Heavy-Duty Stamping, Forming & Drawing Lubricant

HD is an oil-based lubricant formulated for very difficult forming applications, high-temperature operations or complex die designs that need high levels of extreme pressure additives and a protective oil barrier.
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Synthetic Stamping & Forming Lubricant

GN-64 is a synthetic lubricant designed for a wide range of stamping and forming applications with light, moderate, and high strength steel.
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"Parts made with Metal Mates are much cleaner and can be handled in secondary operations without prior washing!"

Richard, Production Manager