Metal Mates - Innovative Metalforming Lubricants and Fluids

Metal Mates - Innovative Metalforming Lubricants and Fluids

Corrosion Inhibitors


Multi-Purpose Water-Based Corrosion Inhibitor

AT-30 is a water-dilutable corrosion inhibitor for in process and short-term use that leaves a light, non-tacky protective film and provides excellent protection for steel parts.
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Oil-Based Corrosion Inhibitor and Lubricant

API-20 is an oil-based moisture-displacing corrosion inhibitor that gives short-term protection for stored parts and provides lubrication in steel splitting, blanking, stamping, drawing and piercing applications.
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"We went from 40,000 hits to 100,000 hits. It’s increased my uptime tremendously. We’re up to 100,000 hits, and I still haven’t seen the problems I was seeing at the 40,000 level. The product looks as good at 100,000 hits as it did at 25,000. The only thing we changed in the process was switch to Metal Mates VS."

Tony, Engineering Manager