Metal Mates - Innovative Metalforming Lubricants and Fluids

Metal Mates - Innovative Metalforming Lubricants and Fluids

VS - Minimize Downtime, Eliminate Part Washer

VS - Minimize Downtime, Eliminate Part Washer

  • Improved Die Longevity
  • Increased Production by over 200%
  • Decreased Machine & Operator Downtime
  • Eliminated Part Washer
  • Improved Weldability and Weld Quality
  • Improve Surface Finish & Part Quality


A stamping and manufacturing company that produces steel and aluminum stampings, extrusions and welded assemblies, mostly on progressive dies, needed to ramp up production on a family of seven stamping aluminum parts.

With its old lubricant, the company averaged 40,000 hits on a five-out progressive die running between 60 and 70 stamps a minute. The company ships out 500,000 of these parts a week, making uptime on those presses crucial to meet the deadlines of their customers. The die life was so predictable, the shop had it scheduled. Every 40,000 hits they pulled the die out and sharpened it.


The company needed a better lubricant for this application, one that would allow them to increase production rates and minimize downtime. They started using Metal Mates VS in these punches and they went from 40,000 hits to over 100,000. Uptime was more than doubled and even after 100,000 hits the parts looked as good as they did after 25,000 hits.

Previously the company had to have a washing line in place to pre-clean their parts before they went to be welded, but with VS they were able to completely eliminate this step and improve the quality of their welds at the same time.

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"The clean nature of Metal Mates keeps other parts from sticking on top of the die, scrap moves freely and cleanup of the press area is a snap."

Richard, Production Manager