Metal Mates - Innovative Metalforming Lubricants and Fluids

Metal Mates - Innovative Metalforming Lubricants and Fluids

OVS - Polish & Condition Dies, Eliminate Scoring

OVS - Polish & Condition Dies, Eliminate Scoring

  • Eliminated Sticky Buildup and Oil Residue
  • Eliminated Scoring Problems
  • Polished and Reconditioned the Die
  • Improved Die Longevity
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Improved Part Quality and Surface Finish
  • Improved Cleanliness and Housekeeping
  • Reduced Scrap Rates


A manufacturing company that offers prototyping, manufacturing, production, assembly and delivery of engineered products, was looking for a new, easy-to-wash lubricant that would eliminate the excessive tool wear they experienced with their old lubricant. A number of stamped components are shipped to the company’s main customers without washing the parts first, so the shop needed a clean lubricant that would not rust the parts.

In addition, the company employs several outside processing techniques, including phosphate & oil, zinc plating, powder coating, and electrocoating, all of which require the parts to be completely clean beforehand. Parts were continually sticking together and being returned from the main customers and outside vendors because they were too oily.


After testing several products to replace their other lubricants the company chose Metal Mates OVS as the best match to their operating and cleaning needs. OVS immediately eliminated the sticky-tacky buildup and oil residue that formed on the parts and presses.

Before switching to Metal Mates, the company had numerous problems with excessive scoring tearing up the dies. They decided to run an unpolished die with some scoring in the press during the preliminary OVS test and after only 25 hits with OVS the scoring was completely eliminated and the die looked brand new. With Metal Mates, the company has significantly improved die longevity and reduced the number of change-outs necessitated by damaged dies.

The manufacturer’s main customers and outside processing vendors are very pleased with OVS’s cleanliness and washability. Part returns are eliminated and scrap was reduced considerably.

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"With Metal Mates we do more with less. We’re using less lubricant and getting better results. And you boil that down to health, safety and cleanliness within the plant. I’m not spraying or adding more lube to the system. I’m actually using less, and I don’t have people with mops around the presses anymore."

Tony, Engineering Manager