Metal Mates - Innovative Metalforming Lubricants and Fluids

Metal Mates - Innovative Metalforming Lubricants and Fluids

HDP - Standardize & Improve Plant Lubrication

HDP - Standardize & Improve Plant Lubrication


A stamping manufacturer & engineering company, that designs and manufactures dies, stamped parts and welded assemblies for the automotive and other industries, was using upwards of 20 different lubricants, gear oils and hydraulic oils sourced from five different suppliers. Each operator was running a personally customized blend of lubricants, typically heavy sulfur oils which caused staining, rusting and excessive smoke (with five different people in charge of buying the many types of fluids in the shop).

Inevitably, many machines were being run with the wrong lubricant, which lead to a lot of waste and part quality issues. Each of the 20 different lubricants was purchased in small quantities which increased costs. In addition, a significant amount of floor space needed to be allocated to stocking all the various types of fluids.


The company needed a lubricant to standardize their plant. After successfully running Metal Mates HDP in some of their presses, the decision was made to switch the entire plant over to Metal Mates. Using HDP the company immediately saw increased tool life and improved part quality off the presses. They also eliminated countless hours of pre-cleaning parts before secondary welding, improved weld quality and extended the life of the weld cells’ exhaust filtering systems.

With help from their Metal Mates Regional Sales Manager, the company established a central fluid distribution system for the plant and set up a complete lubricant management program with operator training. To guarantee proper concentration at all times, the shop ordered its lubricant pre-mixed, preventing operators from mixing the lubricant themselves and avoiding over-use.

Metal Mates improved shop cleanliness dramatically because it is water-based and easy to clean. The benefits for the company are enormous: improved productivity, minimized downtime, decreased labor costs and a cleaner, safer work environment.

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"Lube’s not cheap and we use to have to pay to get rid of it. Using the Metal Mates approach we’re cutting down on the cost of application, and disposal. These are big savings."

Tony, Engineering Manager